Brooklyn mother of four tries to get rid of her husband’s other baby





Keisha Jones of Brooklyn got hold of a prescription pad and found a pharmacy which doesn’t focus too hard on discussing possible complications to dispense an ulcer medicine which can cause abortion, uterine rupture or birth defects to the woman carrying her husband’s child.

Jones made calls with a spoofed caller ID showing the number of Monique Hunter’s obstetrician and told Hunter that the cytotec would protect her 7-month fetus from Down’s Syndrome. Down’s syndrome is actually caused by a chromosomal abnormality.

Cytotec can also cause premature labor — it’s occasionally used off-label by hospitals to set off contractions — and that’s what happened to Hunter, who delivered at King’s County Hospital the same day.

Happily for the baby, officials at King’s County Hospital were less gullible than his mother and intercepted the two water bottles full of an unidentified substance Jones then sent to the hospital after calling to tell nurses to expect a delivery of breast milk from Hunter.

Keisha Jones was arrested Friday. Hunter, who says she didn’t know her gentleman friend was married, has recovered, and the hospital says Anthony, Jr will too.

Police, delightfully, say that Anthony Sr. was not involved in the crime.

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