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Tom Brokaw and his wife Meredith were involved in a three-car collision in the Bronx which left one woman dead on Friday. Suejas Estrada of the Bronx swerved to avoid a coil of cable on the Bruckner and forced a mail truck in the next lane into the path of Brokaw’s car. Suejas was thrown from her car and fell 40 feet from the elevated Bruckner to the Hunts Point street below. Police don’t know yet if Estrada, who was speeding, was wearing her seatbelt. The driver of the mail truck was slightly injured. The Brokaws are fine. No-one seems to know what happened to the cable.

Elvis, the clothes John Lennon was shot in and Bruce Springsteen’s Chevy are leaving the building: the New York Annex of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame is closing down on January 3d. Promoters didn’t say in their announcement why they were closing the Annex, which they’re going to try to take on tour. Tickets, which don’t seem to be moving, are almost $30.

One for Roy’s wingnut file: Arlington, Tennessee Mayor Russell Wiseman is being dragged up and down the internets for a facebook posting in which he suggested that Obama’s Afghanistan speech was scheduled to keep americans from watching the scene in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special where Linus recites verses from the bible on the nativity. Assuming you were taken in by the president’s evil muslim plot, you can watch it here.

Wiseman is also upset that Obama’s support for Jesus is insufficiently monosyllabic, thinks America has become a “pitiful” muslim country, and that the media is making a mountain out of a molehill. His own facebook page has been taken down, but pro- and anti-Wiseman facebook groups have sprung up in its wake.


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