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Monty Burns wins mayoral write-in vote


It turns out there’s a constituency for selling Staten Island after all. If you spot him the votes for C Montgomery Burns, Charles Montgomery Bunrs and CM Burns, fictional billionaire Charles Montgomery Burns ran away with the write-in vote in last month’s mayoral election with 27 votes (pdf), beating out Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse, Hitler, Theodore Roosevelt, Admiral Halsey and Someone Worth Voting For.

On random celebrity watch, 1 vote each went to Abraham Lincoln, Adam West, Dede Scozzafava, Glenn Beck, Curtis Sliwa, Alfred E. Newman and Ed Koch.

Among the living and the non-fictional, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani got 11 variously-spelled write-in votes, including 1 from a confused citizen protesting term limits with a vote for a third Giuliani term. The Rev. Billy Talen and the Naked Cowboy tied with Anthony Weiner at 5 votes each (Talen added his to his 8,902 on the Green line).


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