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Monty Burns wins mayoral write-in vote


It turns out there’s a constituency for selling Staten Island after all. If you spot him the votes for C. Montgomery Burns, Charles Montgomery Burns, and CM Burns, fictional billionaire Charles Montgomery Burns ran away with the write-in vote in last month’s mayoral election with 27 votes, beating out Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse, Hitler, Theodore Roosevelt, Admiral Halsey and Someone Worth Voting For.

On random celebrity watch, 1 vote each went to Abraham Lincoln, Adam West, Dede Scozzafava, Glenn Beck, Curtis Sliwa, Alfred E. Newman, and Ed Koch.

Among the living and the non-fictional, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani got 11 variously-spelled write-in votes, including 1 from a confused citizen protesting term limits with a vote for a third Giuliani term. The Rev. Billy Talen, and the Naked Cowboy tied with Anthony Weiner at 5 votes each. (Talen added his to his 8,902 on the Green line).


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