New York

Transit cop arrested for rape


Police are announcing the arrest of 29-year-old transit cop Shawqi Ahmed for raping an 18-year-old girl in Brooklyn last week.

Sources told the Post that Ahmed met the teenaged victim at a club on November 26 and went with her to an apartment where the alleged rape took place. Police are not releasing further details.

Ahmed, who has been on the force since 2006, was arrested on Friday and arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court. Bail has been set at $50k. So far, no-one has paid it.

As the Post points out, this has been a bad few days for the NYPD. Bronx Detective Juan Acosta was arrested Friday for cocaine trafficking out of his cop car, and Officer James O’Connell of Long Island was picked up for DWI after he plowed into a tollbooth at the Queens end of the Midtown Tunnel.


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