A Gala Night at The Glammy Awards!


Who cares about the Grammy awards?

More exciting were the Glammys–the nightclubbing honors given at Splash the other night, which brought out a crowd of drag queens, gogo boys, and their letchy admirers.

A high point of the Cherry Jubilee-organized evening–for me, anyway–came when I tied with Lady Bunny for Best Blogger/Writer and told the crowd, “If I had to tie with someone for this award, I couldn’t think of anyone worse than Lady Bunny!”

A joke, I assure you.

It was also a one-liner when I then said, “The gunshot you just heard from the West Coast was Perez Hilton, who lost.” I dramatically added, “Kidding! I love him!”

And when I came back to present Best Hostess (to Ladyfag), I remarked, “My life has changed so dramatically since tieing for a Glammy. I was just asked to cut the ribbon of a new Walgreen’s!”

A fun night. Enjoy Tommy McCall‘s photos from it. I’ll have more insight in the column.

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