Bev Eggleston’s Meat Is Now Being Sold at Marlow & Daughters


Marlow & Daughters has become the first New York retail butcher shop to sell meats from Bev Eggleston’s EcoFriendly Foods, according to a text message from Eggleston himself. “it’s official for 7 days now!” read the message, which was received on Friday evening.”You go brooklyn.” A call to Marlow & Daughters this morning confirmed that Eggleston’s grass-fed meats, which are humanely raised and processed in the Moneta, Virginia., plant he built himself, are indeed being sold at the shop.

“Right now we have two pigs from him and a couple of cows,” says Andrew Dorsey, one of Marlow’s butchers. “We’re seeing how that goes.” Dorsey’s hoping that the store will keep receiving Eggleston’s meats later in the season, when some New England farms take their cows off of grass for the season.

Eggleston’s meats have long been available at restaurants including Momofuku, Gramercy Tavern, Blue Hill, and Craft. When he spoke with Fork in the Road in October, he had said that it didn’t look like he’d be selling through Marlow & Daughters, but that he was determined to have a greater presence in New York as part of his mission to “bring small, local livestock producers to distribution.” He predicted that in two years “there’ll be EcoFriendly New York.” His new foothold at Marlow, then, seems like the first step in the right direction.


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