New York to Get FoodWorks Food Plan Today; Rachael Ray Doles Out Illegal Food Smuggling Tips


Babycakes’ Erin McKenna uses garbanzo bean flour to replace white flour, coconut milk as a substitute for butter, and agave nectar as a low-glycemic sugar substitute.
[NY Daily News]

City Council speaker Christine C. Quinn will unveil a long-term plan on food policy today. The initiative, dubbed FoodWorks New York, will go beyond issues of trans fats and sugary sodas to address the production, transportation, and sales of food.
[NY Times]

Rachael Ray crashed an event at the Strand last week where David Chang, Mario Batali, and Peter Meehan discussed the new Momofuku cookbook, among other things. Ray revealed a few entertaining tips for smuggling illegal foods into the country.
[NY Post]

Beef Packers Inc, a Fresno beef company, is recalling thousands of pounds of ground beef contaminated with a drug-resistant strain of salmonella for the second time this year. So far, two illnesses have been linked to the ground beef.
[USA Today]

Ever wonder why bags of chips and boxes of cereal only get filled halfway? Frito-Lay’s Classic potato chips bags are only half filled to prevent breakage, while Shredded Wheat cereal is about two-thirds filled to make sealing easier — also, the cereal settles during shipping.
[NY Times]


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