Thoughts About The Suicide Attempt of Alexa Ray Joel, Billy Joel’s Daughter


How many times do I have to tell you people? Do not become the child of famous parents!

You live forever in their shadow, especially when they’re too busy doing photo shoots and live appearances to be much of a guardian for you.

It is the worst–way worse than being the offspring of complete nobodies!

And so, our hearts go out to Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of the interestingly matched Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, who downed some pills because she was depressed over a breakup, loneliness, and lack of worldwide musical success of her own.

I pray a family of nobodies takes her in and teaches her real values and true appreciation because this kid deserves a shot at happiness.

Fortunately, her condition has stabilized, disproving dad’s hit “Only The Good Die Young.”