Crime Beat: Bernie Madoff Breaks Hearts — He’s Cited in Split of Uma Thurman and Her Rich Fiance Bilked by Bernie


Will the flood of Bernie Madoff victims never stop? The latest casualty may very well be the relationship of New Yorker Uma Thurman and her rich boyfriend, Arpad “Arki” Busson. Arki’s no longer her fiance, says Cindy Adams in today’s Post.

Arki Busson was super-super rich. After the Swiss entrepreneur got entangled with New York’s own Bernie Madoff, he wound up only rich. Busson is said to have lost more than $230 million to Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Himself no slacker when it comes to hubris, Busson got snookered by someone who had even more.

The newsbreaker Adams broadly hints that Busson’s loss of that huge chunk of money endangered his thing with Uma.

Busson was known for his incredibly lavish London parties. He plunged ahead this past summer with his annual Ark gala in London despite the global financial crisis. The Ark used to be the Hollywood-meets-hedge-fund-bigwigs event of the year.

Madoff’s wildest parties tended to be more private; he specialized in office parties with plenty of cocaine and sex. (See my October 21 item, “Bumpin’ Booty.”)

The hedge funds are coming back, but Madoff isn’t, and now the party may be over for Busson. Well, not exactly over. He’s not in prison or the poorhouse. And he does have a wealth of memories. Before his thing with Uma, he made babies with Elle Macpherson.

These days, however, Busson is no longer automatically called a “hedge-fund tycoon.” Tycoons lose the use of that word when they get swindled big-time.

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