Duly Quoted: 50 Cent Is the “Nicest Dude in Hip Hop,” According to Questlove


And thus, ten thousand Okayplayer readers are forced to reevaluate the basic premise of their lives. The occasion? Curtis Jackson bringing his abysmal new single “Baby By Me” to Jimmy Fallon’s TV show, where he was stoically backed by the Roots. And indeed, onstage with rap’s best live band, one might think one of the meanest and most disrespectful rappers of the last ten years was an innocuous boho coffeehouse-type — give or take his single’s disgraceful pregnancy subtext, anyway. This is some futuristic alchemy indeed. Points as always to Jimmy Fallon’s houseband for their unerringly mischevious choice of walk-on music. What’d 50 draw? “Money Power Respect” which, well, exactly.

50 Cent On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [Rap Radar]

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