Former Around the Clock Will Become a Tapas Bar on December 15


Around the Clock may not have been a culinary lodestar, but it did live up to its name, serving diner food 24 hours a day. As of next Tuesday, December 15, it will enter a different time zone altogether, as a European-style tapas bar.

The restaurant is the latest project from the owner of Panya Bakery and Sunrise Mart, says Aoi Natsume, Panya’s assistant manager and the sommelier at the new, as-yet unnamed restaurant.

“It’s going to be a European-style tapas bar,” Natsume says. “We’ll have a lot of Spanish tapas, but also Italian and French-style foods. We’re not only Spanish, per se.”

The tapas concept is something that owner “has been wanting to do,” for awhile, says Natsume. “He’s really a connoisseur of everything. So now that we have the space and vision, we decided to go ahead and do it.” The restaurant will seat about 50, and eventually feature a “quite extensive” wine list featuring bottles from around the world.

And unlike its predecessor, the new place will, at least for the time being, only be opened for supper.

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