Here Is A Video of Matt & Kim and Friends Riding Their Bikes Into Roseland Theater


As part of the MTV Woodies madness we chronicled here the other week. Later, the duo would actually win an award for the song’s video, which had them streaking naked outside of MTV’s Times Square studio (call it the circle of life). Later still, their bike entourage did keg stands. As Mary Louise Parker told the crowd then, “You’re all so hammered you don’t give a fuck what I say.” Indeed. Still, as we’ll say for something like the forty-five-hundreth time, we couldn’t be happier for these two. They’ve gone from BK alternative living to soundtracking promos for NBC’s Community to losing out to Jim Jones in a secret basketball tournament to winning MTV awards and riding their bikes into pretty much wherever they damn please, all without even having to put on clothes. That is a magical accomplishment right there.

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