Max Fish Went South For the Winter, Hosted Gang Gang Dance at Art Basel Miami Beach


If the itinerant art collective O.H.W.O.W.–led in part by downtown gadfly Aaron Bondaroff (better known as A-ron The Downtown Don, except maybe not so much anymore)–is about anything, it’s Max Fish, the bar that’s served as a nexus for this clique since back when they were getting thrown out of galleries, not invited into them. So no surprise that when Art Basel Miami Beach rolled around again this year, dudes said fuck it and brought the Ludlow Street bar along for the trip. O.H.W.O.W.’s second-year edition of their It Ain’t Fair guerilla exhibition was rife with Max Fish regulars–among them the Gang Gang Dance crew, Andrew Kuo, Scott Campbell, Neck Face, et al–and so was the transplanted Max Fish itself, which took up residence for the week at the old PS14 space in Miami. Photographs reveal more than a few familiar faces. Among them? Gang Gang Dance (above), who performed down in the transplant bar last Friday. Our Miami New Times brethren were there, taking in Lizzie Bougatsos’ previously undetected but apparently very cute New York accent (read: not from Brooklyn!) and the band’s usual live pyrotechnics. Our photographer was there too; see the photos here.

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