MILKMADE Delivers the Good Stuff (Small-Batch, Seasonal, Sustainable Ice Cream) to Your Door


It may not be the best time of year to launch an ice cream company, but at least you don’t have to leave the warmth of your apartment to try MILKMADE‘s newly launched homemade, small-batch ice cream, made from sustainable, local, and seasonal ingredients. The “maids,” Diana Hardeman and Michelle Truong, deliver the stuff straight to your door the day after they make it. Now serving the East Village, they hope to expand to additional neighborhoods in January. Sign up now to get your one pint — no more — per month.

Check out Liza de Guia’s mini-doc on the founders and their first two flavors.

MILKMADE: NYC’s NEW Sustainable Ice Cream Makers, Hand-delivering to Your Door from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.


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