Why Is The Blind Side So Big?


Sandra Bullock’s based-on-a-true-story movie The Blind Side made more money than New Moon last weekend, and it’s in way fewer theaters!

It’s a runaway smash for my girl Sandy, wiping away memories of her recent bomb whatchamacallit…oh, yeah, All About Steve.

But why?

Well, I know why! The movie has something for everyone, as opposed to niche-marketed vampire flicks and other such genre films. Women like it because it’s the personal story of a strong willed lady who scores. Guys (well, some guys) like it because it’s all about sports stuff and making it on the field.

And though it appeals to the Republican idea that you should circumvent the government to change lives, Kathy Bates turns up as a pivotal, sympathetic Democrat to even the score.

The movie even addresses your fears that these might just be patronizing white people with their own hidden agenda.

Plus Sandra herself is such a charmer you can’t help but cheer her on.

So why didn’t I like it that much?

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