New York

Your Moment of Sigh: Other People’s Subway Stations


Designboom has a nice spread of dazzling subway stations from all over the world — a cavelike, leaf-printed Stockholm entrance, a ribbed tube leading into the Bilbao Metro, a Rubbermaid theme in Prague, Imperial splendor in Moscow, these giant heatlamps in the U-bahn, etc. Glean it and weep; as with the this year’s Design Capital competition, New York is well out of the running.

One could make a case that our subways were more visually exciting when they were covered with graffiti. MTA’s Arts for Transit sometimes does nice stuff, such as this fanciful installation at the Myrtle-Wyckoff station, but for an alleged Great City we’re not making many showcases. When is this socialism thing going to kick in so we can have them?


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