Boo to Homophobic Buju Banton!


Would a musical artist who sings “Jews must die” or “black people need to be killed” get a Grammy nomination? I really don’t think so, and if I am somehow off-base in assuming that, please look through this year’s list of nominees–Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and so on–and let me know.

But I do know one thing for sure. If you advocate death to gays, the Grammys will still think you’re worthy of honor, as long as they sort of dig your music.

And so, Buju Banton got one for Best Reggae Album as jaws dropped in sensible homes everywhere.

As the watchdog group GLAAD notes:

“In a popular song released in 1988 entitled ‘Boom Bye Bye,’ Banton repeats the anti-gay ‘f-word’ and says that ‘f—–s have to die’ and he will ‘shoot them in the head’ or ‘burn them.’ The Associated Press has reported that the song ‘Batty Rider’ from Banton’s 1993 record ‘Mr. Mention’ glorifies the shooting of gay men.”

And so, GLAAD has called on folks to contact the Recording Academy and sign an online petition protesting the nomination.

Check it out and start signing for your rights.