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Crime Beat: D.A. to Plaxico Burress: No Release from Prison


Just before ancient Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau finally leaves office, he has a message for ex-Giant Plaxico Burress: You’re not getting out of prison. The Daily News’ Laura Italiano reports that Morgy’s office will oppose Burress’s request for work-release from the Oneida hoosegow.

Maybe Burress will get his furlough anyway, but not likely. Morgenthau can call Mayor Mike Bloomberg “chickenshit” and get away with it.

Replay: The star receiver accidentally shot himself in the thigh with his unlicensed Glock in a stupid move last year at the Latin Quarter.

So Bloomberg and Morgy made an example out of him.

Now, after the mayor accused Morgy’s office of hiding $80 million in settlement money in secret accounts, Morgy told reporters, “If you all weren’t newspapers of record, I’d say these were chickenshit comments.”

If Morgy can get away with saying that about Bloomy, then Burress doesn’t have a chance of getting over on the 90-year-old D.A.

As veteran cop reporter Len Levitt notes, “no one in his right mind wants to fight” Morgy.


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