Former East Village Pie Lounge/Cure/Cafe Affettati Becomes Mini Bar, Opening This Friday


The fortunes of 131 East 7th Street have been decidedly unfortunate for quite some time now: for awhile it was home to Cafe Affettati, and then, for about a week, the East Village Pie Lounge, and finally, the equally ill-fated Cure. Now, after sitting vacant since the summer, the snug space is about to welcome a new tenant: the appropriately named Mini Bar.

According to a flyer taped to its front window that reads “Something small…is going to be really BIG!” Mini Bar will host an opening night holiday celebration this Friday, from 8 p.m. until midnight. The RSVP number wasn’t working, so no further information was forthcoming, but we do know from attending numerous Community Board 3 meetings that the owner is also the proprietor of a hair salon down the block, and has been trying to get the place opened for months. Having survived the community board, perhaps he’ll have a shot at surviving the curse of 131.


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