Hipster Runoff, Meet the Wrath of Freelance Photographer Kyle Dean Reinford


The gist of this being that Hipster Runoff borrowed one of Kyle’s photos for the sake of his art. The above ensued. Photographers should be credited. But there is something admirable in the man who receives a notification that he is in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and responds in character, as a blogger who “just thought it would be chill” to share said stolen photos with the world. One wonders if he would come to court wearing the Daft Punk mask. As we go to print a “content sharing program” is being contemplated (the sincerity vs. biz speak quotient of this arrangement being basically the entire subtext of this interview Rob did, back in February), so perhaps a peace has been brokered. Or perhaps Reinford will just go ahead and sue the motherfucker. [@kyledreinford]

Updated:Day Two of the Hipster Runoff Photo-Stealing Scandal, Or, A Bloggable New Story

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