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Hitler’s Back in the News!


OK, this is the weirdest Downfall parody we’ve seen so far.

Maybe it’s because we’re all fascists now, but Adolf Hitler is getting a lot of ink these day.

A Hitler art book — not a Taschen thing, but Hitler’s own clip book of art goodies he wanted for his prospective Fuhrermuseum — was discovered among the belongings of John Pistone in Ohio.

The WWII vet had picked it up as a “souvenir” when his battalion got to Hitler’s Alpine home in 1945. The book turns out to be of great historical significance — “The first picture [in the book], Hitler got as a gift from Mussolini!” says one breathless historian — and Pistone is repatriating the volume to the German nation.

Maybe they’ll want Hitler’s skull fragments too. Russia’s FSB intelligence service says it has them…

Despite U.S. tests that show the bone bits Russia holds are that of a female, the Russians claim that they’re legit. They also say that they had more — maybe including Hitler’s celebrated single ball? — until Yuri Andropov ordered them destroyed in 1970, apparently worried that if their existence were revealed, whatever resting place they found would become the scene of fascist shenanigans like those at the graves of Mussolini and Saddam Hussein — except times ten, because he was, you know, Hitler.

Or maybe you think you’re a long lost relative of Hitler’s and would like to catch up with the family. If so, good news: has put Hitler’s WWI military records online. (Well, he was a veteran.)

Also there’s a new book that claims Hitler was mad at a Jewish doctor for not saving his mother’s life, Eli Roth talking about how great it was to kill Hitler in the movie, etc. Maybe we ought to create a metatag for the guy. If you can’t get enough Hitler, by all means check out a post at the anti-evolution Discovery Institute called “How Darwin Leads People to Eventually Say, ‘Hitler Was O.K.’” Their finding is based in part on comments made by “a young man [who] was performing rap songs on evolutionary themes that he had been commissioned to write and perform for the Darwin celebrations in Britain.” What a party that must have been!


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