Jelly NYC Pool Parties Are Saved, Will Be At East River State Park Again in 2010 [Updated]


“There’s still some paperwork, but as far as state parks is concerned, there will be concerts,” state park director Rachel Gordon told the Brooklyn Paper. It was the Department of Parks and Recreation’s announcement six weeks ago that the Jelly NYC’s future at the Williamsburg waterfront was in doubt that sounded the alarm in the first place. Looks like some very public pressure from New York’s senior senator and the grumbling of all kinds of community groups and dissolute Brooklynites was what turned the tide, although everybody’s now keeping mum on what exactly the hold up was. “It’s good to know everything’s right on track,” said a bewildered Alexander Kane, founder of Jelly NYC. “It’ll be our coolest year yet.” We eagerly await Schumer’s presumably awesome and triumphant statement.

Update: This thing isn’t quite over yet. From Schumer’s office: “They have a much more positive attitude but we still have to work out a lot of details. This is progress, not a victory or a done deal. We need to keep the pressure on until it’s done.”