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Man Arrested in Strangled Queens Mom’s Death; Said to Be Father of Her Child


When 36-year-old Jamaica Smith, recently moved to Queens from Memphis, Tennessee, went missing in late November, it was all very mysterious. Family members allegedly told police about an “unidentified man” who harassed her outside her daughter’s school in Laurelton. They also got a tip that Smith had been seen “fighting with a man and a woman” and that she was dragged into a van with tinted windows.

It didn’t seem to clear up much when Smith’s body was found Monday at a boarded-up house on Kruss Street in Uniondale, Long Island. Then we heard that police were holding a man who had been using Smith’s credit card.

Now Marvin Jemmott, 35, has been arrested and charged with strangling Smith to death. He is said to be the father of Smith’s daughter.


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