Meat for Kids Not Up to Scratch; Beer Can Collecting Gone the Way of the Dodo


Public school kids are getting millions of pounds of beef and chicken that wouldn’t meet the standards of many fast-food restaurants. McDonald’s and Burger King test their ground beef 5 to 10 times more than the USDA does school meat.
[USA Today]

Giuseppe Cipriani, the Italian restaurateur who admitted to tax fraud, is back in town trying to work out a deal with the feds to avoid being deported. Cipriani and his dad, Arrigo, confessed to tax evasion and agreed to pay more than $10 million in damages.
[NY Post]

Amid a heated lawsuit, Tavern on the Green is being forced to auction off some of its most cherished fixtures, including 10 historic chandeliers by Baccarat and Waterford — one dating from 1790 — as well as silver candelabras, gilded copper weathervanes, and a baby grand piano.
[NY Times]

The sous-vide is used by such chefs as Heston Blumenthal, Joel Robuchon, and Ferran Adria, and can now be used by you at home. The SousVide Supreme, the first self-contained sous-vide machine for home cooks, has just hit the market for $449.
[NY Times]

The once-thriving hobby of beer-can collecting is now a rarity. As the beer can nears its 75th birthday in January, many hobbyists are saddened by their inability to lure young people to a pastime that hooked so many of them back in the 1970s.
[Wall Street Journal]


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