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Organizers: New Year’s Party Definitely Tavern on the Green’s Last Hurrah


If you want to see Tavern of the Green in all its Tiffany splendor, you better do it before or during the big New Year’s Eve Party they’re holding: Gordon Von Broock of NYEVE, the party’s organizers, says this is “100 percent absolutely” the last event Jennifer LeRoy will hold at the fabled Central Park restaurant before the place is stripped and its new owner, Dean Poll of the Central Park Boathouse — who beat the LeRoy family business on a bid for the property in August — comes in to turn it into something else.

Don’t bring your false-bottom purses, though. As there is some concern that guests might seek to take valuable art nouveau “souvenirs” of the soon-to-be-history Tavern, “we’ll also have extra security,” Von Broock says, “to see that everything stays intact”…

They probably would have taken their famous furnishings anyway, but as the Tavern is bankrupt, the LeRoys are auctioning everything off next week, leaving Poll a clear palette. (Poll has expressed impatience with the LeRoys’ leaving, threatening to close the place for two years if he does not get in next month.)

Whatever he does, Poll won’t call it Tavern on the Green, because the naming rights leave with the LeRoys — or they say it does; New York City contends it has the rights, and a Federal judge will decide later. The LeRoys have nevertheless engaged Streambank LLC to sell the name for them. They will entertain offers not only from restaurants, but from packaged food and cookbook companies. (Tavern on the Green Frozen Brioche French Toast?)

Calls to Jennifer LeRoy were unreturned at press time.



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