People Runs Top Chef Spoiler; Gawker Says It Won’t Reveal, But Kinda Does Anyway


Apparently, page 134 of People magazine’s current issue, on newsstands now, shows a picture of the Top Chef winner, identified as such, with Padma and Tom. Bravo actually gave the magazine the photo, so the screw-up may have happened because someone at the network didn’t understand that magazines are dated later than their actual release day. Thus, if People says something will run in its December 21st issue, that doesn’t mean the issue actually comes out on December 21st. It comes out earlier. Yeesh.

Gawker is running a picture of the page, blocking out the name and the head of the chef in the picture, claiming that to do otherwise would spoil the fun. Except that, in the remaining three cheftestants, one of these things is not like the others, yes? So you can definitely draw some conclusions from the head-less photo, which we will not show here. But if you’re curious, be our guest.

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