Susan Boyle Bypasses Young, Illegal Downloaders En Route To A Second #1


527,000 copies. She is a commercial juggernaut no one can touch, not least because in all likelihood the vast majority of her fans have no idea how to pirate and/or steal I Dreamed a Dream–the 10th best-selling record of the year and rising fast. If you can find a demographic old enough, this business will still love you back. Just ask Andrea Bocelli, whose My Christmas just enjoyed its fourth straight week at #2. He’s now platinum and counting with that thing. Taylor Swift’s Fearless finished its 47th week in the top 10, leaping back up to #3, proving once again that without her there would be no music at all. And the awkward matter of a new R. Kelly record? Untitled debuted with a tepid vote of confidence at #4, selling 114,000 copies, probably because people found out about “Echo” and couldn’t ignore a song that bonkers in good conscience. Next week on the charts? Rap week! Gucci and Clipse, we will see you then. (Hopefully.) [Billboard]

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