The Onslaught of Year-End Wrap-Ups Continues


There’s only 22 more days left for year-end dining summations, and now both Time Out and Metromix can be added to the list of those who have brought forth the products of their hindsight.

Time Out has produced an exhaustive list of the 100 Best Things to Eat and Drink this year, while Metromix has diagnosed the year’s 12 most pervasive dining trends.

Time Out has smartly broken down its list into more easily chewable categories, such as Best Sweets, Best Seafood and Ocean Fare, and, of course, Best Chicken (and Egg) Dishes, which dovetails with Metromix’s No. 1 trend, (surprise!) fried chicken. Also included on the list are banh mi, pizza, restaurants that embraced the recession, and restaurants that gave it the middle finger. Burgers are AWOL, an omission that’s as curious as it is blessed; if the New York dining world can make it to 2010 without further referencing a grass-fed slider or giving a print hand job to Pat LaFrieda, it will be a very good year indeed.

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