Top Chef Gets Ready to Pack its Knives and Go Home


Tonight, season six of Top Chef finally, blessedly, comes to an end. The second half of the finale will see Kevin and the Brothers Voltaggio battle it out for reality TV supremacy, under the watchful eyes of Padma, Tom, and guest judge Douglas Keane, chef of Sonoma County’s Cyrus. There’s a wee preview of the festivities over at Eater National, where a video shows Kevin, Bryan, and Michael sitting around the breakfast table, fingering bagels and wondering what Jen’s up to now.

Kevin is steeling himself for war, telling the camera that “the brothers are going to [bleeping] bring it. They’re not going to play around. So it’s not going to be easy.” Michael predictably manages to praise his brother while undermining his achievements (“he hasn’t walked away with any significant prizes at this point”), while Bryan puts on a hoodie and promises that “we’ll finally get the opportunity to see who’s the best chef.” And how! Stay tuned for Fork in the Road’s final recap.

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