Under Review: Sietsema at Trattoria Cinque; DiGregorio at Tipsy Parson


This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema finds that “it often seems as if Trattoria Cinque isn’t trying hard enough to be Roman,” while Sarah DiGregorio deems the tipsy parson cake at Tipsy Parson “as likeable as the restaurant.”

Sam Sifton heads to Madangsui in Koreatown, which “is not much to look at, really… But jiminy crickets, is the dining fine.”
[NY Times]

Steve Cuozzo finally manages to score a table at Le Caprice, a “beautiful, boring restaurant… dripping… mystique and malarkey.”
[NY Post]

Alan Richman is a fan of April Bloomfield’s food at The Breslin, which features her “impassioned and embellished style of British cooking, unfussy but meticulous.”
[GQ/Forked & Corked]

Jay Cheshes heads back to the recently refurbished Cafe Boulud, where “the restaurant remains a reflection of the icon whose name adorns the marquee.”

Meanwhile, Ryan Sutton notes that, at Cafe Boulud, “the clientele is more likely to complain about where they’re sitting versus what’s actually on the plate.”

Tables for Two discovers that, at Bark Hot Dogs, “there is no diner’s remorse: the first sausage makes you ache for the second.”
[New Yorker]


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