A Third Location of Blossom to Open on the Upper East Side Next Week


Vegan empire builder Pamela Blackwell, who has two outposts of Blossom restaurant and the new Cocoa V vegan chocolate bar to her name, is about to add another location of Blossom to her portfolio.

“We’re opening a third one next week,” she says. “It’ll be on the Upper East Side on First Avenue between 79th and 80th.”

Blackwell opened the first location of Blossom in Chelsea in 2006, and followed it with an Upper West Side outpost in 2007. Her restaurants are some of the only strictly vegan establishments in the city, and have tapped into the public’s increasing health-consciousness and awareness of animal farming issues alike. Blossom’s new location will be in Yorkville, a neighborhood more well-known for its Hungarian meat markets than meat-free dining options.


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