Caught on Camera: A Sneak Peak Inside Fatty ‘Cue


Zak Pelaccio recently revealed that we can expect the long-awaited ‘Fatty Cue to open in March 2010. But he couldn’t divulge much more than that. Liza de Guia, whose mini food docs profile local cooks and food purveyors, managed to get her foot inside the Fatty ‘Cue door and filmed what she saw: smokers filled with goat, bacon, and lamb bacon; the pitmaster wielding his blow torch; and chef de cuisine Andrew Pressler curing bacon and marinating lamb ribs. Quoth Pressler: “We love fat. We are Fatty ‘Cue. You know, that’s not just a name.” Sweet music to the ears.

Fatty ‘Cue: Smoking Fat Heritage Breeds & Malaysian Flavors on the Barbie from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.


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