“May The Holidays Bring An Oscar for Mo’Nique…


And a pawn shop willing to give her equal value for it.”

That’s what the holiday card from the famed comedy club Carolines on Broadway says, among other things.

And here are some of the other things:

” *More movement on the healthcare bill…and Nancy Pelosi‘s face

*Shuttle flights without Hudson River layover

*Vampires that suck rather than blow

*A Balloon Boy reality show–‘My Father Thinks He’s a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’

*More of whatever Kate Hudson is doing to Alex Rodriguez

*Like, an end to, like The Hills

*A mandatory waterboarding test for prospective Army base shrinks

*The capture of the monkey that mangled Bruce Jenner‘s face”

Maybe one too many face jokes, but still, very cute stuff. Certainly more clever than my store-bought card: “Happy holidays, all.”

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