Red Apple: New Fujianese in Sunset Park Fries Excellent Oyster Cakes


A new Fujianese spot, Red Apple Fast Food, has popped up on Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and today the place was packed with diners lunching on noodle soups and fish-and-rice combos from the steam table. But on a self-service table in the center of the room sat the most exciting offering of all: freshly fried oyster cakes.

These are not the eggy oyster pancakes popular in some parts of China and Southeast Asia, or the jiggly, potato-starch Taiwanese oyster cakes, but distinctively Fujianese oyster cakes–UFO-shaped rice-flour-fritters the size of a man’s fist. The deeply burnished crust is embedded with peanuts, and the filling is a steamy, savory mix of oysters, leeks, scallions, and a bit of minced pork.

Grab a wax paper bag and the tongs from the display table, and help yourself to as many oyster cakes as you can eat before they get cold. (They’re best straight from the fryer, and with a dollop of Sriracha.) For only 70 cents each, there’s no better snack in Sunset Park.

In fact, Red Apple’s cakes are dead ringers for the famous oyster cakes from the Fuzhou Oyster Cake stall at the Maxwell Hawker Center in Singapore–fried just as perfectly, although the deluxe Singaporean rendition includes diced shrimp in the filling, and increases the pork-and-oyster to leek ratio.

Red Apple Fast Food
4817 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn


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