The Clipse Go Apartment Shopping in NYC


Hey, so the Brothers Thornton are moving here. Vulture even went apartment shopping with them! There are many good details in the ensuing piece, not limited to the revelation that Pusha and Mal do not use their government names, even when they’re talking to buttoned-up real estate brokers. The Clipse are known to be sentimental about New York–Pusha waxed nostalgic to us months ago about trips the duo used to take to the city when they were younger, listening to Biggie on HOT97 and dreaming of someday being a part of the culture here. And it was at a 2005 Knitting Factory show–when the two then- struggling and transitioning mixtape rappers sold out the venue and suddenly realized that half of New York was crazy over their music–that Clipse became, basically, the act they are today. So no surprise that they want to be part of the city. Where will they live?

Soho, Tribeca, or Fort Greene (in, uh, Spike Lee’s former brownstone), judging by the places they visited with Vulture. Other highlights of the piece include the official Clipse opinion on grad school (don’t do it), the comparative safety of Brooklyn vs. Manhattan (you’re gonna get robbed in BK), and Pusha’s opinions on real estate in general: “New York Magazine can know that I don’t’ give a fuck about this shit!” And yet somehow, we do.

In other news about the Clipse, their newest record, Til the Casket Drops came out on Tuesday. XXL is projecting some dire figures, first week sales-wise: 30-35K. Yug. Those are Grizzly Bear numbers right there. Maybe Brooklyn’s not so bad, guys!

Vulture Goes Apartment Shopping With Clipse

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