Todd P Now Making Promotion Excursions Into Mexico?


Local mega-promoter Todd P latest quixotic venture? An proposed outsized south of the border post-SXSW festival in Monterrey, Mexico, a five or six hour drive from the weeklong Austin, Texas music festival from which he will be presumably drawing most of his acts. That blasted Mexican tundra above was once the site of a drive-in movie theater; now, with any luck, 40-80 bands will play there over three days in late March. Longtime NYC residents will recall when it seemed ambitious that Patrick was doing eight-band outdoor festivals underneath the subway in Queens. So is he for real about going international?

Seems like it. An email he sent out last week had a concrete set of dates–Saturday March 20th to Monday the 22nd, with a Friday date if there is sufficient interest. The festival would be the heir to his now annual Ms Bea’s SXSW counter-programming showcase down in Austin. Tent cities and shuttle buses servicing them are tentatively promised. Who knows if he’ll pull it off, but man does that look like a stellar place to have a show. We wrote Todd for comment–seeing as it seems like he’s adventuring far away right now, we’ll see if we get any kind of response. If we do, we’ll update.

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