Andrea Peyser Denounces Bloomingdales’ War on Christmas


Bloomingdales’ windows have a family-friendly, wholesome classic Christmas charm,” says Haute Living Magazine, including a “‘Dynamic Duos’ window, where famous couples wait to greet Mr. and Mrs. Claus.”

But professional Post scold Andrea Peyser sees through this secular charade! Today she says, “If you’re skeptical about the existence of a War on Christmas… listen up,” and tells us a “prominent friend” has seen these so-called Christmas windows and reports, while they’re “tarted up this season with colored lights… there exists not a single mention of Christmas”…

“And,” she adds, “as if to drive home that point, some Grinch hung an enormous wreath at the Lexington Avenue entrance of the store, emblazoned with a neon sign that says, simply, ‘Merry'” Not another word.”

Why, that could mean anything: Merry Kwanzaa! Merry Socialism! Merry Clayton! The Santas and sugar canes are all a ruse!

Peyser asks: “Next: Boiling the Easter Bunny?” We’re not sure if she’s referring to Bloomingdales’ plans or her own. (Perhaps her or the PF’s rage has an explanation besides chemical imbalance: one of the “Dynamic Duos” is the Obamas.) h/t Steven Thrasher.



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