Another Day, Another Lawsuit, This Time at Cafe Habana


Cafe Habana is arguably as well known for its photogenic waitresses as it is for its Cuban sandwiches, even going so far as to pimp them out in its annual Habana Girls calendar (“12 months of beautiful women and fun ways anyone can help the environment“). But it seems that some of those waitresses don’t particularly appreciate the attention — or being forced to share tips, denied overtime pay, and having their hours cut for refusing to play pin-up.

Grub Street brings word that four Cafe Habana waitresses have filed a lawsuit against the restaurant’s owner, Sean Meenan, claiming that in addition to the shared tips and lack of overtime pay, Meenan subjected them to “a heavily sexually charged environment in which they were required to dress in a sexually provocative manner, asked to take pictures scantily clad, and subject to degrading sexual harassment.”

The waitresses allege that they were also pressured to pose in a racy fashion for the calendar, whose proceeds go to Meenan’s non-profit foundation, Habana Works, and lost shifts when they refused to pose. And one of them claims that Meenan pressured her to go out for coffee with Owen Wilson, which isn’t quite as bad as being called a “stupid dumb whore,” but is still pretty sordid.


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