Canadian Chinatowns Better Than New York’s; Gordon Ramsay on His ‘Shittiest’ Year Ever


Annie Guerrero, the owner of El Nido del Aguila, a restaurant uptown, and Maria Elena Nunez, who represents businesses applying for liquor licenses, tried to slip an SLA official $5,000 to sidestep a full review, according to wiretap evidence.
[NY Post]

Gordon Ramsay reflects on the terrible year he’s just had: “December, January, February and March were the most highly pressurized, s—tiest, most awful four months I’ve ever had in business.” Still, he says, bankruptcy “was never even an option.”

An alliance of agricultural scientists has unveiled a new strategy aimed at lessening the impact of climate change on the global food supply, including the development of drought-tolerant beans and flood-tolerant rice, as well as breeding less-methane-producing animals.
[Globe and Mail]

Apparently, Chinese food is better in Toronto than in New York because immigration regulations are more lax there than in the U.S. To wit: the steamed bun, which is as good in Toronto as it is in Hong Kong, but in New York’s Chinatowns tends to be a soggy sponge.
[Wall Street Journal]


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