Canadian Chinatowns Better Than New York’s; Gordon Ramsay on His ‘Shittiest’ Year Ever


Annie Guerrero, the owner of El Nido del Aguila, a restaurant uptown, and Maria Elena Nunez, who represents businesses applying for liquor licenses, tried to slip an SLA official $5,000 to sidestep a full review, according to wiretap evidence.
[NY Post]

Gordon Ramsay reflects on the terrible year he’s just had: “December, January, February and March were the most highly pressurized, s—tiest, most awful four months I’ve ever had in business.” Still, he says, bankruptcy “was never even an option.”
[Bloomberg via Eater]

An alliance of agricultural scientists has unveiled a new strategy aimed at lessening the impact of climate change on the global food supply, including the development of drought-tolerant beans and flood-tolerant rice, as well as breeding less-methane-producing animals.
[Globe and Mail]

Apparently, Chinese food is better in Toronto than in New York because immigration regulations are more lax there than in the U.S. To wit: the steamed bun, which is as good in Toronto as it is in Hong Kong, but in New York’s Chinatowns tends to be a soggy sponge.
[Wall Street Journal]


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