Hideous Gnosis, A Black Metal Symposium, Is At Public Assembly Tomorrow; Internecine Warfare Already Very Much Underway


Here we have the interesting prospect of spending six daylight hours tomorrow inside at Public Assembly, hearing men with beards elaborate on theories regarding black metal. An event called Hideous Gnosis, no less. Voluminously and silkily bearded SOTC affiliate Brandon Stosuy will be reading from his in-progress oral history of black metal, the research for which almost got me killed one time. Early YIMBY subject Liturgy will be there, too, in the form of frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, helming a presentation modestly described as “Transcendental Black Metal.” Plus work by artists Nader Sadek, Lionel Maunz, entertainingly punny panel titles (“Black Confessions and Absu-lution”), and something called “Sym-posium (together-drinking).”

The full schedule can be found here, accompanied by a skeptical (“It’s hard to imagine that Theory can bring much to Black Metal, a fundamentally Romantic and anti-/pre-Theoretic activity”), often whimsical (“Will there be a table space for merch/distro?”) and occasionally downright bloody (“If only one could cut out the tongues of the West Coast, Experience Music Project-funded types and their friend Sasha Frere Jones before they open their mouths”) comments section, where the symposium is very much already ongoing. [Hideous Gnosis]

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