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Jenny Sanford Announces Divorce from Cheating Governor | Village Voice

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Jenny Sanford Announces Divorce from Cheating Governor


Looks like Jenny Sanford has had enough. “The dissolution of any marriage is a sad and painful process,” she says in a statement.

But she’s up for it: “I am now filing for divorce.”

“About time!” says South Carolina News.

Since her husband South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s spectacular admission of infidelity and of continued devotion to his non-marital “soul mate” last summer, Jenny Sanford has moved out of the Governor’s mansion, but kept her mouth shut about her future plans — apart, of course, for the occasional celebrity interview — keeping her powder dry for a book about her travails, which will presumably be rushed out following this development.

She’ll probably come out of this thing better off than her husband, who faces impeachment charges — though he may get away with a censure, as local interest wanes in punishing him. Well, neither of them is going to miss any meals. So: win-win, then.



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