Kaye Ballard and Marlon Brando?


Yes, it’s “Really Old Gossip Day,” so let me report than in Kaye Ballard‘s ’06 memoir–which I just caught up with (thank you, Mr. Mickey)–the brassy Italian-American comic/singer reveals that she had an affair with Brando at his peak! And she says it was hot, naturally enough, though their spark wore out after a while and they became just friends.

Did you ever picture that pairing in your most phantasmagorical imagination? If so, why the fuck didn’t you tell me about it?

Here’s another personal tidbit from the book, this one about gossip columnist Liz Smith, who used to work as Ballard’s road manager:

“I found an emotional connection with women like Liz that I could never find with a man. I don’t know why or how it happened, but I do know that it has kept me single my entire life.”


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