More Sharon Gless!


My column this week includes a lively Q&A with longtime TV star Sharon Gless, who’s an ailing but feisty lesbian in Hannah Free and whose mouth is so captivating I wanted to throw you some extra snippets of our chat rather than drag them to the trash can icon.

About the movie: “I won Best Actress at the Madrid Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. There aren’t any subtitles! I don’t know what they thought they were watching!”

About the way she created her own backstory as the proud mother of gay Michael on Queer as Folk: “The script said I was going into nursing, but I decided with the crazy wigs and the things in her hair, she wanted to have her own beauty parlor, but then she got pregnant.”

As for her own long-running success: “I don’t know I’m good, but I hope so. They took me from behind a secretary’s desk and put me in front of a camera. I always wonder when they’re gonna find out I don’t know what I’m doing.

“It’s just a thing I loved doing and they still let me do it. Most of my colleagues aren’t working. All the big motion picture actors my age can’t get jobs anymore. So all those actresses are flying to a medium they wouldn’t touch called television.”

Well, Sharon was there first, folks! Give her some props, Glenn Close!

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