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MTA Stocking Stuffer? May Shut M and Z Trains, “Dozens” of Bus Routes


This Christmas season, the MTA is planning a treat for all of us: service cuts! These were threatened during the last “Doomsday Budget” tsimmis, but relinquished when the fares went up. Now MTA is out of money again, and is considering the removal of “dozens of bus routes,” and the W and Z subway lines, says the Daily News. (1010 WINS says it’s 21 bus routes: Six in Brooklyn, six in Manhattan, five in Queens and four in The Bronx.

On the bright side, no new fare hikes are proposed, yet.

The Straphangers Campaign says, “reviving these cuts would shred [MTA’s] credibility.” Credibility? New TWU boss John Samuelsen tells the News MTA should “should look harder for budget savings.” Maybe we can wait a little longer for those already-delayed digital platform clocks — projected cost: about $200 million — and concentrate on saving some actual means of transportation. Image (cc) Mshades.


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