Please Join DJ Small Change At Tomorrow Night’s Xmas-Themed “Lose Yr Shit” Soiree


The last time I saw DJ Small Change, he was walking down Bleecker Street, resplendent in a bright purple suit and top hat–it was daylight, mind you. If the quirky charm the DJ flaunts through promo emails and DJ sets aren’t enough to solicit your attention, the lineups at his warehouse galas should pique your interest. A mix of house, disco, dubstep, club, and hip-hop serve as the soundtrack to these massive parties, usually hidden in one-off lofts in South Brooklyn. Tomorrow night’s Santa-themed “Lose Yr Shit” collaboration with MeanRed is the latest installment.

Details of the party were released this week: The venue is simply listed as “WAREHOUSE” at 48 North 3rd in Williamsburg. “Eli Escobar, a/k/a “Every DJ’s favorite DJ,” is set to man the decks (expect house and hip-hop classics) alongside Dub War‘s Dave Q & Incyde, Brick Bandit’s Dirty South Joe (a proponent of the “no headphones” movement), and $mall Change himself. Brooklyn’s Lady Circus is scheduled to perform some combination of their stilt walking and fire-breathing stunts, as is the yoga-queen Sandha Ferreira (known for her acrobatics and hula-hooping spectacles). The party costs you $10 before midnight with RSVP, and you can usually find a well-stocked bar with $3 PBRs and other reasonably priced libations. Who knows how much they’ll charge after 12 a.m.–from my experience you can negotiate your way in if it’s late enough and the doorman is drunk enough. If you want to guarantee a cheap way in, dress like Santa and party the night away for a mere $5.

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