Ted Leo Played At Least Six New Songs at the Bowery Last Sunday



For a show with absolutely nothing to promote, album or tour-wise, Ted Leo’s show last Sunday at the Bowery sold out awful fast. Probably because you can count on one hand the amount of live acts currently playing venues like that one better than the Pharmacists. The indefatigable nyctaper comes through with the tale of the tape; new songs include “The Mighty Sparrow” (sounds pretty mighty), “The Stick” (punk!), “One Polaroid A Day” (woozy), the old/new “Where Was My Brain,” “Bottled and Corked,” and last week’s Brutalist Bricks-leading revelation “Even Heroes Have to Die.” That’s basically a third of the new album right there. So far, so good–Gaslight Anthem, watch out! [nyctaper]

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