Today’s Alleged Drunk Driving Mother with Kids in Car


“I drank apple martinis. I don’t remember how many,” cops say Jennifer Rivas, 25, of Staten Island told them when her Maxima crashed into a U-Store Self Storage at South Avenue Wednesday around 11 p.m. She had two of her children with her: a six-year-old “wandering by a fence at the facility, asking for help,” says the Staten Island Advance, and a 2-year-old who was trapped in the totaled car with her mother when police arrived.

Rivas is charged with DUI and other offenses, but her lawyer says she wasn’t driving the car — some yet-unnamed person was, and he or she took off after the crash. At Rivas’ bail hearing Advance reporters asked two people associated with her who that person might be, but neither would answer them.

The Staten Island Assistant DA isn’t buying the defense, claiming no adult could have extricated him- or herself from such a wreck. The Advance also has video of the crash scene (minus the car).

Other recent alleged DUI moms with kids in the car in our area include Carmen Huertas and Diane Schuler.


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