New York

Victoria Secret vs. People With AIDS


Yes, it was apparently the world’s unlikeliest battle–one between the lingerie giant and a Lexington Avenue building that’s a residence for people with HIV. But I’m hearing it’s over and everyone’s smiling, with their clothes on!

Nothing can be confirmed or denied at this point, but a little birdie recently told me that the building’s tenants were subjected to the din of “huge Aggreko generators stretching over half of a city block by the huge Lexington Armory, these generators running 24 hours a day for over a week, generating vast amounts of noise and preventing and/or disturbing any sleep.”

The generators turned out to be related to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taping, which was scheduled to run on World AIDS Day, of all days!

After all kinds of calls, emails, and red-tape-hurdling, I hear the residence negotiated to get the Victoria’s Secret people to fork over some cash to help them sleep easier–literally. And I bet they’re now doing so in some lovely VS boudoir wear!

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