New York

Simon Doonan Is HIV Negative


Let me explain.

I went to the Research in Action Awards to benefit TAG (Treatment Action Group) tonight , where one of the honorees was bon vivant, author, and Barneys creative director SIMON DOONAN.

In his speech, Doonan said it was a miracle that he’s HIV negative. “It probably has to do with my incredible prissiness,” he added. “Anal sex was never easy for me.”

TMI? Well, let me clarify that Doonan then talked about his friends who DO have AIDS and how inspired he’s been by the strength with which they face every day.

On a way lighter note, Doonan confirmed to me that he just decorated the White House for the holidays, but all he could say about it was the result “was very simple and chic.”

So I guess it isn’t now the PINK House. Not literally, anyway.

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