11 of the Absolute Worst. Gifts. Ever.


Unless you’re trying to express discernible disdain for your Secret Santa pick this year, you’ll want to avoid the gift ideas on Food Network Humor’s list of 11 Awful Gifts for Foodies and Cooks. It includes such cringeworthy gems as the eerie Paula Deen Makes a Pot Roast doll, inappropriately ethnic Colonel Sanders salt-and-pepper shakers (the pepper is in blackface), and the cheesy “Don’t Wake Me, I’m Dreaming of Tyler Florence pillowcase.”

Certainly, not everyone will agree with the tiki-inspired Mugglies (pictured above). These homely long-faced steins are cool and creepy, and would surely earn you praise — or at least commentary — from guests. At $35 a pop plus shipping, however, they aren’t a cheap conversation starter.

[via Serious Eats]